How to Take Beautiful Pictures in Your Own Backyard

“Some people just have a gift.”

“It takes years of training to take pictures like them.”

“They must have waited for hours to get that picture. “

Maybe you’ve found yourself thinking these thoughts. Think them no more. Taking beautiful pictures isn’t just for the extremely talented or working professionals. And you don’t have to travel to an exotic locale or take hours to find the right picture.

You can take beautiful pictures right now in your own backyard.

How do you do it? Go macro. It can be hard to find perfect picture composition or evenly lit areas for wider shots in many places. But macro? That’s a different story. There are so many little subjects waiting to be shot in your own backyard. Flowers, a butterfly, deck boards, moss, plants in a garden, or a tree. Beauty abounds in small places that are often overlooked.  

This is a picture of my backyard. This is what I normally see when I walk outside. Kinda plain. But when I think about going macro, this is what I see.
Beauty in the grain and lines in the deck boards.
Or moss-covered rocks with strange orange plants.

Just zoom in.

Three butterflies resting on pink flowers.
The sun shining through the changing leaves.

It’s all right there. You’ll be amazed what you can find when you look closely. There’s a plethora of beauty waiting in your backyard right now. Go look.

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